Hacking Journey | Post 5 | Rant


After last post’s blunder – I’ve been pretty frustrated. I feel like I’m not progressing as fast I want to. It’s hard to balance work, family, and study. For the Security certificates, it was easy to break up concepts as I went throughout the day – with like learning about Disaster Recovery, Business Impact, etc… like a day at a time. With hacking it feels like I need to do everything in order to learn the basics or at least know how everything works. It makes me feel like I wish I learned this earlier when I had more time.

It’s something I have to come to terms with, but I need to take this a day at a time, and accept that I can’t work on it when I can’t work on it – I need to be able to enjoy the moments at home or whenever I’m not able to open up a terminal. I’m obsessing over the concepts of hacking like enumeration, reverse shells, SQLi, and whatnot. I feel like I need to know everything about the Cyber Security side. But if I’m going to be honest…

It’s addicting.

Especially hacking. The amount of achievement getting something as a reverse shell, even potentially realizing that something is vulnerable is addicting. It’s like slowly unfolding a puzzle. It’s 100% more rewarding than something like the defensive side, and learning how to implement access controls – there’s no immediate reward when you implement a firewall. It’s a slow and meticulous game, both sides are that way – but with pentesting, the reward is faster.

I like baseball, not because of the action, but because of the player statistics – I’m a Rays fan (Born and raised from Tampa), and it’s the perfect team for me because it’s a min/max team. They need to minimize the cost per run, well – to be more specific, they prioritize their defensive play, and there are a few key players that churn out runs, or good sluggers… well I don’t think that team has any good sluggers to be honest. But they put points on the board and that’s all that matters. In a way – I see that team as my stance on Cyber Security. I feel like it’s exciting to be the hitting side, but if you have a perfect defense (do not allow any runs), you only need one point to win.

On the blue side, you can be wrong once never.

Anyways – I’m going to churn out as many machines as I can, and I’ll just do a postmortem feelings about the boxes as I go. Just to save some time, instead of worrying about documenting everything.

By Diego Uy

Military dood, father of three, husband of a sexy momma. Network Administrator | Security enthusiast.

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